Disability Staffing Services, LLC 

is a resource firm that helps HR representatives, caregivers and consumers
find solutions for their Department of Labor and personal disability concerns.

WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS (rates may vary)
Self-employment As A Vocation for Consumers
Nontraditional Work Options for Consumers
Government Contracting Options for Consumers
Developing Comprehensive Paths of Employment for Consumers
Start The Conversation: Establishing A Business Network
Untapped Potential: The Benefits of Hiring the Disabled
How To Grow An Effective Disabilities Ministry
Animation Internship
Media Production Internship

SERVICES (consulting fees may apply)
Recruitment of 503 & Schedule A Candidates
Career Building for Youth with Disabilities
Professional Softskills (resume writing & interviewing)
Subscriber Resource Service (available by Fall 2017)
DSS Resource & Referral Services (facility assessment & adaptation)

624310     Vocational rehabilitation or habilitation services
611430     Professional management development training
561110     Office Administrative Services, Business management services
541611     Administrative/General Management Consulting Services
611699     Public Speaking Training